My halo experience - From biker to broken

My blogs and photos from being in halo traction and recovery in my freedom.

Welcome to my story

26th May 2011 

I began to create this website to share my story of being in halo traction Whilst I was still living behind bars. I hope the slightly left of centre views at times throughout my blog can help others in the future to get through a similar experience.

I am writing this in week 10 of 13 in my halo. I am working hard to get my blogs up to date, and I will then update it regularly.

I am 27 year old Katie-Jane Bowen from Wellington New Zealand. I had a major motorcycle accident on the 20th March 2011 that has left me in halo traction. I myself have been desperate to find other peoples stories to help me through and I have realised these are quite hard to come by. So read away at my experiences. My blog is honest and light hearted at times. But deep down, I really know I am a lucky girl to be here and telling my story.

Let the countdown begin folks - 3 weeks 'til removal of my halo. Then the adventure really begins!

Lots of love, Katiepie 

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